Professional lasercutting, kantpres, pladebukning og opkortning

about Rustek A/S​

​Rustek is a young company, capable of solving problems of various kinds for their customers.

Rustek is situated in Salling, in the heart of Jutland.


Rustek is a state of the art business with all the technological aids that the customers' needs may require.

Rustek has a short chain of command and a narrow company structure, making it the ideal candidate if a flexible parter is desired. Rustek works in an ongoing communication and co-operation with their clients and can adapt and plan things along the way, to make them fit the clients' desire as best possible. This is true both for the production itself and special terms of delivery, adjustment of products in an ongoing production and so on.


Rustek has a substantial array of machinery at their disposal. Together with the skilled and multi-talented employees, this enable the company to offer good terms for total suppliance of both partially and completely finished products.​


Rustek A/S

CVR: 33389477​


Bjørnevej 3

 DK-​7800 Skive​

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