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​Rustek has recently invested in the most modern bead presser in Denmark. This bead presser is, like our laser, of the brand LVD. The bead press is equipped with all necessary contemporary electronics to facilitate a satisfactory result.


When a customer submits a schematic of a desired presing subject, it is imported to the program which Rustek uses for the bead press. Here the subject is built up completely in 3D. Then the program makes sure the pressings fit, or whether corrections need to be made. If the schematics are available in 3D (SAT/IGES), these can be imported directly and an unfolding is done directly after the finished unit, so that all parameters are controlled by the machine. When the subject is unfolded, a complete simulation of the pressing takes place.​

Rustek's bead presser is equipped with laser safety, which means it can run up to 300% faster in the pressing than the competition. This is due to the TURBO installed on the machine. More specifically a 50 HP motor is connected to the hydraulic unit. This in co-operation with a large oil cooling unit, makes it possible for the presser to run at this extreme speed.

For more advanced subjects/projects, Rustek has the equipment for measurement of angles. This takes place by use of laser technology, where small laser-sensors measure angles during the folding process itself. They do this with no delay to the actual process, thus ensuring a minimal waste of materials and makes the use of time for test foldings and such absolute. Things that usually increase the general price range.

Another thing that speeds the startup and programming of a project is the substantial database in the machine. This database not only ensures that Rustek will fold at least 99% correctly the first time. However immediate control and checking after the first fold, and subsequent updates to the database means that the chance of folding 100% correct on the first folding is increased for every folding done.

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