Professional lasercutting, kantpres, pladebukning og opkortning


Rustek has a state of the art laser-cutting unit.

With its 4000 watts it is capable of cutting all common materials and thicknesses. Thus the unit can handle at least 20 mm stainless or normal steel and 12 mm aluminum.

Rustek's laser cutter is equipped with a pallette changer, rendering the unit highly economic in use. This also goes for thin materials and large orders, as the staffing at the pallette changer only take off finished items and put on new sheets.

Furthermore the entire front of the laser cutting unit can be dismantled, which is a great advantage when it comes to smaller productions and piece-mal assignments. Rustek's LVD laser is among the fastest when it comes to cutting speed. 

The rapid traverse modes are very fast as well.

Faster, in fact, than several of the competition's newer units.

Rustek's times of delivery are less than 4-7 workdays under normal conditions, but when faced with a tight deadline many of the company's customers make use of a rush-arrangement. 

This means that, for a small fee, you can have the cutting done in a few hours.

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